Albion training ground site flood fears

RESIDENTS have claimed Brighton and Hove Albion’s proposed Lancing training ground is a major flooding risk, after land near it flooded with effluent.

Heavy rain caused Mash Barn Lane to flood with sewage, leaving residents nearby unable to flush water from their sinks or bathtubs.

The lane has been earmarked for traffic use if Brighton and Hove Albion’s (BHA) planning application for a training ground is approved.

Previously, the club had wanted to use the lane for construction traffic, but in its revised planning application proposed to move this through a proposed golf course on the A27.

The flooding prompted a visit from a field engineer from Southern Water.


A resident of Barfield Park, which backs on to Mash Barn Lane, said: “The field engineer said it is only a six-inch sewer pipe and approximately 18 to 24 inches down in the ground and not low enough in the ground to take any traffic at all.

“They have cleared the blockage but will have to come back with the lorry to backflow the pipes.

“Residents of Mash Barn estate were unable to discharge water from their sinks and baths on Monday.

“A resident from Barfield Park has had raw sewage in their back garden, the smell was awful.”

The resident said he had been told by the field engineer the sewage system was “full to capacity”.


Another resident has started a blog, called Save our Gap, in response to Brighton and Hove Albion’s plans.

On the blog, he wrote: “In their recent Environment Statement, BHA proposed using the existing Mash Barn sewage network during the construction phase. They want to pump their sewage plus grey and dirty water from wheel washing and other cleaning into the network. This is despite Southern Water stating that the network is at full capacity.

“We have raised all these issues in our revised objections and would now urge Lancing Parish Council to hold a proper meeting to discuss these issues. When are our parish councillors going to start asking questions and start demanding answers to these issues instead of simply nodding things through and pretending that everything is okay?”