Boy, 14, made up knife attack, say police

POLICE are no longer looking for any suspects after a 14-year-old boy reported that he had been attacked with a knife on his way to school in Worthing earlier this month.

It has been revealed that the boy fabricated the report and has subsequently been warned by police for wasting their time.

In his original report the boy said he had been assaulted by two men on Wednesday, January 8 between Bulkington Avenue and Henty Road.

The boy claimed to have sustained torn clothing and ‘light’ scratches from two men in their 20s wearing hooded tops.

He even went to the detail of describing a ‘square-shaped gold ring’ on the middle finger of one of the men and the colour of each item of their clothing.

Detective Constable Julie Cox said: “Following an investigation it transpires the offence did not take place. The boy has been spoken to about wasting police time.”