Complaints as roadworks keep residents awake

RESIDENTS of Christchurch Road were kept awake for two consecutive nights last week as resurfacing works were carried out.

West Sussex County Council issued a notice informing residents of the road closure on June 25 and 26 as contractors removed the road surface layer and replaced it with new materials.

WH 300614 Alex Beatty, Christchurch Road. Roadworks story. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-140107-145714001

WH 300614 Alex Beatty, Christchurch Road. Roadworks story. Photo by Derek Martin SUS-140107-145714001

But resident Lucy Newton says that the work hours from 6pm to 7am were unnecessary and unacceptable.

“Permission has been granted for them to close the road overnight and complete work but Christchurch Road is not a main road, and there are many other alternative routes, so why this work couldn’t be carried out off- peak in the day, I have no idea.

“At no point were we, the residents, warned about the noise disruption, and we are dreading another sleepless night after the first night of work.

“To make matters worse, lying in bed I could hear the road workers shouting, and one yelling to other with a variety of expletives.

“There are family homes lining Christchurch Road, and I’d like the person who made this decision to be aware of the chaos caused.

“We were exhausted on Friday, having to go to work after four-and-a-half hours of broken sleep.

“I don’t dispute it needed doing, but this work could have been done off-peak, during the day.”

Alex Beatty added: “I am absolutely astounded at how the council could have felt it was acceptable to carry out such disruptive works at anti-social hours. “The noise was horrendous and didn’t stop until at least 1am.

“I fully appreciate the difficulties of road closures during the day and the need for the works, but it is in no way acceptable or appropriate to subject residents to that level of noise and disruption at that time of night. Appalling.”

Chris Churchett said: “I live by the Ham Road crossing and I was kept up all night.

“I understand that the work needs doing, but why not during the day? If it is because it’s a bus route, I’d rather my journey somewhere was disrupted during the day, than be kept up all night with the sound of very heavy machinery.”

A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said: “The reason overnight working was scheduled for Christchurch Road was to avoid problems with traffic flow during the day.

“In that area, near the town centre, there are law courts, solicitors, a church and a playgroup, so a decision was taken to carry out the work overnight to prevent disruption that would affect these businesses and organisations during the day.”