Conservatory flattened as 100ft pine tree falls

THE CONSERVATORY of a home in Durrington was flattened yesterday when 100ft pine tree crashed down.

Lynette Thorpe, a support worker, had to come home from work shortly after 11am as her partner Jeff Finch and daughter were so shaken.

Pine tree in Barnet Way

Pine tree in Barnet Way

She said that residents of Barnet Way had been complaining to Worthing Homes for some time that the trees at the back of their properties were leaning.

“Even so, you just do not expect something like this to happen,” she said.
“It is a huge tree and I think that actually the conservatory protected the house because it has taken the brunt of the force, otherwise it would have come straight through the window.

“I loved that conservatory and spent a lot of time out there.”

Mr Finch was at home when the incident happened.

He said: “I heard a massive noise and the whole house shook which was really quite scary as I did not know what was happening at first.

“I think the tree bounced off the roof and came straight down to flatten the conservatory which was full so everything inside it is ruined.

“Thank God no one was walking past at the time.”

Video to follow.