Council IT problems human error

AN ACCIDENTAL switch-off caused IT systems at Worthing Borough Council to go offline for 36 hours 
last week.

Housing benefit payments were a day late, online sports bookings were unavailable and councillors were left unable to access emails during the problem, which echoed issues experienced with the IT systems last year.

But human error was to blame this time, rather than a failure of the reliability of the systems.

Alex Bailey, chief executive of Adur and Worthing councils, said: “It’s regrettable that an unforeseen human error caused so much inconvenience for our customers. Over the coming months, I will be working closely with the councils’ new director for digital and resources, Paul Brewer, to ensure that we can deliver an improved service for the residents and businesses of Adur and Worthing.”

The problems started last Monday night, and systems were gradually restored until being fully back online by last Wednesday.