Council questions need for speed bumps

LANCING Parish Council is considering whether traffic calming measures are needed on Mash Barn Lane, as a result of the new Brighton and Hove Albion FC training ground.

When West Sussex County Council contacted Lancing Parish Council to consult on the need for speed bumps along the road, the response was that there were other roads with more pressing need of traffic management in the village, which would offer better value for money.

Reports produced during the planning stage of the build suggested that traffic to and from the ground when it was competed would be light.

The council said it if traffic calming measures were deemed necessary by West Sussex County Council, it would prefer to see ‘staggered directional priority islands and lanes’ over speed bumps, which could cause a noise and nuisance to residents.

The parish council also suggested that the speed limit be lowered to 20mph along Mash Barn Lane

Proposals for parking restrictions along the stretch of road have also been put forward.