Did you see Worthing's latest UFOs?

A SERIES of mystery lights were spotted in the sky over Worthing, leaving one Herald reader stunned.

Tom Confalone was walking down St Andrew's Road, Worthing, at 11pm on Monday, January 26, when he saw the series of lights.

He said: "There were more than 10 red lights.

"They looked like they were on a house or something until they started moving."

The lights disappeared as they rose high into the night sky.

Stunned by what he saw, Tom searched the internet for similar sightings in Worthing, and found a number of videos on YouTube with almost identical lights.

Previous sightings have frequently been attribute to Chinese lanterns, similar to those pictured above.

Monday was the first day of celebrations for Chinese New Year, which may account for these lights.

Did you see the mystery lights? Or send off Chinese lanterns?

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