Robots at Davison High School

Robots at Davison High School
Robots at Davison High School
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WEIRD and wonderful robots were created and put to the test by students at Davison High School as part of an annual science and technology day.

About 70 students took part in the Ecobot project run by the school in conjunction with STEMNet and supported by the Sussex Model Centre.

Helen Davis, advanced skills teacher for Science, said: “This project develops understanding of radio control, design using science and technology, basing this all around using sustainable resources.

“The day was organised into designing the robot, testing and practising movement control. Students then went on to use their robots to race, manoeuvre through obstacles and compete against each other in the arena.”

The Selborne Road school has recently received funding from the Royal Society to develop a curriculum program for students to be taught this type of technology as part of their normal design and technology lessons.