FIRE FILE: Parrot rescue, arson and two accidents attended in Worthing

RATHER than saving a cat stuck up a tree, crews from Worthing fire station helped a woman down from the branches.

The woman got stuck up a tree after trying to rescue her parrot Pevensey Gardens, Worthing, at 7.45pm on Monday (May 19).

It is believed the woman used her own ladder to start climbing the tree, before using branches to get higher but then got into difficulty and was unable to get back down.

Firefighters spent more than an hour rescuing the woman using their extended ladders.

A spokeswoman said owner and parrot had now been reunited.


FIREFIGHTERS were called after two cars collided at the junction of Durrington Lane and Littlehampton Road in Worthing.

The accident happened at around 8.20pm on Monday (May 19).

Fire crews made the scene safe and left the matter for police to investigate.


THREE people had to be treated by paramedics after an accident involving three cars.

One of the cars was flipped onto its roof following the incident in Rectory Road at around 7.55pm on Friday (May 16).

Firefighters attended the scene and were able to roll the car back onto its wheels using specialist equipment.

Van arson

ARSONISTS set fire to a van and damaged fencing and a tree in the process.

The blaze in the transit van was started shortly before 8.30pm on Saturday (May 17).


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