Firefighters called to incidents in Durrington, Clapham and Storrington over weekend

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Durrington, Clapham and Storrington were among the areas West Sussex firefighters visited this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, October 6 and 7).

On Saturday, October 6, at 7.35am, firefighters were called to a burning car in Holt Lane, Clapham, which had been lit deliberately.

The firefighters put out the blaze using buckets of water.

Later that day in Storrington, firefighters were called to a road traffic collision between two cars.

One woman had to be released from a car using hydraulic rescue equipment, while another man was treated by paramedics.

Three people were taken to hospital by ambulance.

On Sunday, October 7, at 10.43pm, firefighters were called to a small fire, which started at the back of shop premises in Salvington Road, Durrington.

The blaze was extinguished using a hose.