Flats should not be ‘the main focus’ in Worthing

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FLATS should not be the main type of future housing stock in Worthing,

This message to borough council planners is contained in an application to convert a large guest house at 77 Manor Road into a single family home.

The owner’s change-of-use application for the Edwardian Dreams Guest House says: “There remains a valid role that flats play in higher-density, town centre developments.

“However, flats should not form the principal type of housing stock in the borough...

“While the loss of the guest house will have an impact on visitor accommodation, an alternative as a large family dwelling is acceptable and needed.”

The supporting design statement also says the business had been run as the Edwardian Dreams Guest House since 2003.

It had later been put up for sale, but, despite a £100,000 reduction in the asking price, there had been little response and a sale had failed to be agreed.