GALLERY: Georges seeks love in Adur

THIS dolphin named Georges spent a day frolicking and swimming in the River Adur – much to the amazement of spectators.

The young male mammal could be seen swimming up and down the river, in Shoreham Harbour and coming as close as possible to jet skiers and boat users.

Marine conservationists believe the dolphin is looking for a mate and loves human contact.

They have called him Georges, and can be identified because of a distinctive scar on his fin.

He has been spotted in France, from where he may have originated; Ramsgate and in Sovereign Harbour at Eastbourne on Monday, September 3.

He is also been seen in Irish waters and in the Channel Islands he is known as Randy.

On Tuesday, September 4, he turned up at Shoreham, providing a thrilling sight for rowers, jet skiers and boat users as he followed the noise of their engines and he stopped to be patted and stroked.

But there were fears he could turn aggressive if anyone tried to swim with him, and that he could get stranded in the river as the tide went out on Tuesday evening, so Shoreham inshore lifeboat, while on exercise, led him out to sea.

The crew said Georges followed them out of the harbour entrance and into the seas two miles off.

He swam under the boat and was happy to be stroked and touched. They were able to capture some photos of him.

They then waited for 20 minutes while he eventually became distracted and sped back to station before he could follow them.

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