How many steps to climb Kilimanjaro?

A SHOREHAM letting agent will be climbing Mount Kilimajaro for charity and has set the challenge for people to guess how many steps it will take her.

Laucy Dawe, 28, of Lawton & Dawe, leaves the UK for Tanzania on September, 27 and is raising money for Spinal Reseach and Worthing Churches Homeless Projects (WCHP).

The letting agents is running a sweepstake to guess the number of steps Lucy will take up the mountain. The closest guess will win a prize. To take part like Lawton and Dawe’s Facebook page, find the sweepstake competition and leave a guess.

Lucy Dawton, of Kingston Bay Road, Shoreham, will be spending her birthday climbing the mountain, she said: “My aim is to raise as much money as I can for two worthwhile charities which are very dear to my heart.”