Lancing croquet team play first-ever tournament at sea

CROQUET players have taken part in the first-ever official tournament on the high seas.

Daphne Gaitley, of Monks Close, Lancing, and Alan Cottle, of Bowmans Close, Steyning, joined in the competition on board a new cruise ship as it sailed out of Southampton.

Both Mrs Gaitley and Mr Cottle are members of the Sussex County Croquet Club, Southwick, and were selected for the trip by chairman Jonathan Isaacs.

Along with other players from around the world, they trained novices for the tournament on board the Celebrity Equinox.

Mrs Gaitley said: "It was absolutely brilliant; it was great fun.

"I started playing in 1992, when I saw an advert for a croquet club open day.

"I'd always been interested, but never had the time, so I decided to go and have a go and took to it straight away."

Mr Cottle, ranked in the top 10 croquet players in the UK, said: "It was just like playing on normal grass.

"It was very stable and good fun."


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