‘Mindless’ vandals cut down play park fence

Vandalsim at the play park at Croshaw Recreation Ground in Sompting SUS-140623-165252001

Vandalsim at the play park at Croshaw Recreation Ground in Sompting SUS-140623-165252001

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VANDALS have targeted a children’s playground in a ‘mindless’ attack.

A section of newly-replaced fencing around the play park at Croshaw Recreation Ground in Grafton Drive, Sompting, has been cut down, leaving the play area vulnerable to dogs and potentially dangerous for children.

Although it is located in Sompting, Croshaw Rec is owned by Lancing Parish Council.

Parish clerk Colin Hunt said: “Some idiot has just come and cut the fence, which is annoying.

“It’s just wanton vandalism.”

Mr Hunt said the council had made repairs but said the fencing would never be as good as new.

“Who walks around with a pair of wire cutters?” he said.

“It’s totally senseless and mindless but unfortunately we have to deal with these things.”

Lancing Parish Council spent around £2,000 on a new fence around the play park just two months ago.

Excess charges on the insurance policy mean the council-taxpayer will end up footing the bill for the damage this time.

“We can’t keep claiming for these things,” said mr Hunt.

“We’ll have to take it on the chin.”

Mr Hunt said ‘idiots’ had vandalised the play park before,

“It’s just one of those things,” he said. “It’s just numbing.

“We got it repaired because it was dangerous and defeats the object of having a fence, which is to stop dogs from getting in.”

Chairman of Lancing Parish Council, James Butcher, said it was ‘a real shame’ to see that the local amenities had fallen victim to vandalism.

“The parish council tries to spend every penny it can wisely,” he said.

“Replacing fences because of mindless vandalism does nothing to help forward regeneration.

Mr Butcher said the parish council would be reviewing all its parks over the next few years.

“The more we spend on needless repairs, the less we will have for improving them,” he said.

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