Mystery benefactor gives £50k to Worthing charity

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WORTHING Scope has opened a new sensory room after it received a donation of £50,000 from a generous benefactor.

The charity spent £35,000 of the sum revamping its existing sensory room at the Fitzalan Howard Day Centre in Pavilion Road, Worthing. The remaining £15,000 went towards a free-standing work room at the charity’s other centre, in Birkdale Road, Durrington.

Dawn West, a senior instructor for Worthing Scope, said: “I couldn’t believe we had managed to get such a large donation and the fact we could put it to such a creative project looking at what’s best for the clients.

“It’s going to be used by so many people, for me it’s lovely. For some of our autistic clients it’s a Godsend.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, April 10.




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