Parents reflect on death of daughter

Lucy Goulding's family after the inquest into her death

Lucy Goulding's family after the inquest into her death

THE parents of Lucy Goulding have reflected on the chain of events leading up to the death of their ‘perfect’ daughter.

Antonella Goulding said: “What Lucy went through was absolutely horrendous and to imagine the pain she went through. It can’t happen to another child.”

“I felt Dr Mahil (the GP who failed to diagnose Lucy’s condition) was truly and sincerely sorry. I think she was heartbroken.”

Paul Goulding, 41, added: “It’s a case of discounting a 16-year-old girl and her mother. She was a good girl and a straight-A-student. She was lovely, the perfect daughter really.

“The coroner was fair with her verdict, there was nothing more she could have done.”

Mrs Goulding said she wanted to see the changes that were promised at Lucy’s inquest by Dr Tim Taylor, consultant paediatrician and chief of services for women and children at Western Sussex Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, in action.




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