Story behind Shoreham's UFO

A WOMAN has come forward to solve the mystery lights in the sky raised by letter writer Simon Pardoe in last week's Shoreham Herald.

Katie Edwards, of Crown Road, Shoreham, said she had organised a surprise silver wedding party for her parents and instead of fireworks her uncle brought nine Thai glow lanterns which look like mini hot air balloons.

Their family and friends wrote messages on them, lit them and left them to float away in the sky.

She said: "They were amazing and they ordered themselves neatly into a formation making them seem more than just lanterns.

"Maybe this is what Mr Pardoe saw that night or something similar."

Mr Pardoe from Southwick wrote to the Herald saying he saw five bright green and red lights in the pattern of an inverted tick for about five minutes in the direction of Shoreham Airport - the same night as the party.

Click here to see Mr Pardoe's original letter.

He doubted that they were man made lanterns because they seemed more substantial and asked readers to come forward with any answers.


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