VIDEO: Campaigners tour Worthing banks in investment demonstration

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CAMPAIGNERS are touring Worthing town centre’s five main banks this morning in protest against their investment in controversial mining companies.

The World Development Movement demonstration will attempt to highlight the role of UK high street banks in financing the ‘devastating’ coal extraction industry worldwide .

Dereck Prentis, leader of the group, said: “We will be visiting all the big banks and revealing their parts in financing huge multinational mining companies around the world, in search of coal and other fossil fuels.

“There are hidden stories of forced displacement of whole villages overseas, environmental pollution and the devastating effect on local communities.

“There needs to be tougher regulations on banks.”

The tour began outside HSBC, in South Street Square and will conclude at Barclays at around 12pm.

Members of the public are invited to sign cards to show their support for the campaign.




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