Woman saves snake from ‘certain’ death’

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THE owner of a cattery turned her attention to a different kind of animal when she saved a three-foot long snake from becoming roadkill.

Louisa Lees-Buckley, 56, of Moat Way, Goring, was returning to her car in Goring Road, last Tuesday afternoon, when she spotted the colourful reptile half-hanging out of a shop’s drainpipe.

Miss Lees-Buckley, owner of Cottage Garden Cattery in Goring, said: “It wasn’t moving and I thought ‘that’s a bright colour’.

“I went over to the snake and touched it to see if it did move, and then it came forward slithering down the path.

“The road was really busy and if I hadn’t have done what I did it wouldn’t be her today, I’m certain of that.”

For the full story, see the Worthing Herald, Thursday, June 19.




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