Lollipop lady fears serious accident at busy roundabout

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A LOLLIPOP lady says she fears for the safety of children crossing a busy Worthing road every day.

Marion Cole has been seeing pupils and parents from four schools across the junction of Sompting Road and Dominion Road in Broadwater for eight years.

W43566H13''School Crossing Sompting Road Broadwater.  Crossing Patrol  Marion Cole with Wendy Vickers and petition

W43566H13''School Crossing Sompting Road Broadwater. Crossing Patrol Marion Cole with Wendy Vickers and petition

She describes the current situation as a “nightmare” and is calling for action from her employer, West Sussex County Council.

Childminder Wendy Vickers, of Shandon Road, uses the crossing every day.

She said: “There have been no warning lights down by the roundabout on Sompting Road for nearly three years even though the council has said that it is going to replace them a number of times.

“Drivers are going down there that are on their phones and some are even putting makeup on while they are driving.

“I cant think of any school crossing that is more dangerous, when you have got cars coming off the roundabout on one side and the other way cars on a dual carriageway. It has been getting steadily worse but I think the last two years have been particularly bad.

“Even the parents do not like crossing the road because of how dangerous it is. It is so worrying.”

Mrs Vickers has already collected 350 signatures on a petition which she hopes to present to the council.

“We would like to see some sort of warning light there or maybe a zebra crossing,” she said. “People are not taking enough care, they are not looking and because of that they do not notice Marion until they are right on top of her.”

Mrs Cole, of Southfield Road, has had several near misses with cars.

She said: “I have seen cars coming so fast around the roundabout that they are on their sides. I do not know why people are going so fast.

“It’s a nightmare. The other problem is that drivers do not indicate off the roundabout.

“There is also a bush that gets overgrown which is very dangerous as people cannot see round it. It is difficult anyway with the two lanes on the other side of the road.

“Sometimes I have been out in the middle of the road and have had to put my stick right out to stop people.

“My stick was clipped a couple of weeks ago by a wing mirror, and I have seen a number of accidents here.

“I absolutely love my job as I get to meet so many people and talk to children and parents everyday, but I worry that someone will be seriously hurt.”

The mother-of-four said her ideal outcome would be to have a camera to record people not abiding by the rules.

She said: “I simply do not have the time to write down people’s registration numbers, as they are going so fast. It would also be very helpful if someone could monitor what is happening here on a regular basis.Something needs to be done.”

A West Sussex County Council spokesman said: “We have not yet been made aware of the petition and this concern has not been brought to our attention via the schools’ ‘Travel Plans’.

“Once we receive the petition, we can investigate the matter in due course.”