CHRISTIAN COMMENT: Water pipe bursts in Ferring

If you were one of those who woke up last Wednesday to find no water coming into the house: join the club. Me too.

Water, water, everywhere, nor any drop to drink, said the Ancient Mariner, speaking of his boat being becalmed in the middle of the salt sea. Rather like that up the Littlehampton road last Wednesday.

Funny stuff, water. It has most unusual characteristics. For instance, its solid form (ice) floats on its liquid (water). That’s why fish can live in a frozen pond: it’s only frozen on top. It’s a most astonishingly wonderful bit of God’s creation. Name the only other substance that works like that.

We take it for granted here; well, most of the time. Too much, we complain; too little; we complain. Goldilocks’ three bears were similarly hard to satisfy.

Be glad you don’t live in a place where water is hugely precious. Look at Egypt on a large map: a thin green line where the Nile is, surrounded by countless miles of parched, sandy desert.

The Bible speaks often of water. The Israelites crossing the Red Sea in the dry; Pharaoh’s army being drowned in it. The power of huge waves; but God is stronger. The power of baptism; symbolic burial of one’s old life. The healing power of water. Jesus walking on the water (yeah, right...)

In our prosaic Western nation, we believe only what we see. There is much more to life than meets the eye. Jesus’ disciples discovered that. A whole new world opened up to them as he revealed God to them. And when Jesus came walking towards them on the water, only one of them, the impetuous Simon Peter, wanted to be able to do it too. And he did: that’s the miracle. Because he trusted Jesus.

That’s the best way, really. It’s possible for each of us to trust Jesus with our life. Believe it or not, he usually makes a better job of it. You might not walk on the water; but you just might find the confidence you need; the healing you need; the love you need.

Hold on... we’re not talking Movie Love here. Nor Marriage Love. Nor... well, never mind. God’s love is powerful, eternal, unconditional; and it splashes everywhere. Rather like the burst water main in Ferring. And it’s for you, too.

Give it a try, hey?

By Mik Shaw, Jubilee Community Church, Worthing