TIM DREW: Could you make town a more friendly place?

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WORTHING Neighbour-hood Watch and its committee have not been idle this year.

We have supported Worthing police in a number of initiatives, including free cycle marking events (OperationVelo), speed watching and reporting, and raising awareness of localised crime through visits and leaflet drops.

These are proactive measures that have been taken both towards reducing crime and the fear of crime – but we are now seeking to identify NHW volunteers who are determined to ‘make a difference’ and assist throughout the Worthing area, as required, because we believe that there are many of you who share that vision.

Observation and reporting will always remain integral to our purpose, but it is just as important to take the trouble to get to know our neighbours and forge a sense of community in which everyone can feel included, including the elderly and vulnerable who will be the less likely to fall victim to fraudsters as a result.

Every friendly word adds up to a feeling of being part of a community.

Some of you, we know, are already doing this but, of those of you who are not, we ask – can you spare the odd hour or two, throughout the year to make Worthing a safer, more secure, more friendly place in which to live and work?

If the answer is yes, then please email Terry Rickards direct at terry.rickards@tarringnhw.org.uk with your name and the title I want to Make a Difference and we’ll email you when we need volunteers in your area. As the well-known saying is ‘all it takes for evil to succeed is for good people to do nothing’.

• Two Neighbourhood panel meetings are to take place over the next week.

For Durrington and Northbrook at the Durrington Community Centre between 7.30pm

and 9pm on Monday, September 1, and for Offington between 10am and 11am at the Thomas A Becket pub in Rectory Road on Thursday, September 4.