TIM DREW: Make sure your vehicles’ tyres are safe this month

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OCTOBER is Tyre Safety Month and, as the name suggests, the main objective of the campaign is to ensure that as many cars, caravans, motorhomes and other vehicles as possible are equipped with safe tyres – for three good reasons.

The first of these is that under-inflated, illegal or otherwise-defective tyres are a cause of many road casualties, with statistics showing 656 caused by this in 2013.

Secondly, correctly inflated tyres last longer. This is due to the contact they have with the road surface – a soft tyre will experience pressure on the outer rim, leading to expedited wear and tear.

According to industry experts, a tyre which is inflated to 80 per cent of its optimum level will only last 75 per cent as long as one which is properly maintained. At 60 per cent inflation, you can expect just 35 per cent of the tyre life. Furthermore, tyres which are maintained at their optimal inflation level require less energy to make them rotate.

Therefore, correctly inflated tyres mean lower fuel bills and less frequent tyre replacement.

Thirdly, your vehicle will handle better and cope better with day-to-day impacts such as kerbing or hitting pot holes.

Talking of pot holes, please report them, when and where found, to West Sussex County Council on 01243 642105 or online at love.westsussex.gov.uk

Please also remember to take a note of the location of all potholes found in your road before contacting the county council.

• The Durrington & Northbrook Neighbourhood Panel will meet at the Durrington Community Centre, in New Road, Durrington, on Monday, October 13, from 7.30pm to 9pm, followed the next day by a meeting of the Tarring Community Forum, at West Worthing Baptist Church, in South Street,Tarring between 7pm and 8pm. On Wednesday, October 15, PCSO Elaine Tullett hosts her surgery at the coffee shop at Worthing Leisure Centre, in Shaftesbury Avenue, Worthing, from 10am to 11am. PCSO Ros Tite’s surgery will be held on Friday, October 17, from mid-day to 1pm, at the Maybridge Keystone Centre in Raleigh Way, Maybridge.