Residents relief after Henty Close upset

RESIDENTS of Henty Close feel that a compromise has been reached over council plans to change ten Worthing addresses without warning.

A letter was sent to the owners of each of the bungalows on October 12, informing them that their house numbers and postcodes would be changing with immediate effect.

But just four days later, Councillor Clive Roberts became aware of the situation and stopped the changes from progressing further.

He then attended the cul-de-sac, off Henty Road, to reassure residents that the council had made a mistake by not carrying out the proper consultations.

Cllr Roberts said: “I met one of the council employees while walking my dog on the Monday morning and he was in meltdown and really upset.

“That was the first I knew about it so I stopped it.

“Nothing has changed so basically I wound the clocks back a week, and now there will be a sign alerting people to the numbers of the bungalows in the cul-de-sac. That has been ordered.

“I did what councillors should do- I checked the officer’s work and reversed it.”

Resident Judie Johnson said: “The councils are cancelling all that they were going to do apart from taking the Henty Close sign off and they have agreed to put a sign saying Henty Road there with the numbers of our houses.

“That way there will be no question about who we are and where we are and we are back to our original postcode and house number. The only thing that is changing is the sign.

“There will be no confusion now so this is good news - Henty Road is what is on all of the computer systems.”

Mrs Johnson described the whole situation as “very difficult” and “very stressful”.

She added: “Not knowing what was going to happen was awful. Cllr Roberts put everyone’s minds at rest because he said that the council had made the decision without consulting the people that should have been consulted. He also said that things should not have happened like that at all. We were all so relieved.

“A lot of us felt that we wanted something at the entrance of the cul-de-sac, if only just to say what our numbers were. That way there could be no question for deliveries or for the emergency services, as it was their concerns that led to this in the first place.

“We felt that by having Henty Road with our numbers at the entrance and being acknowledged as part of Henty Road would get rid of all the problems.

“We are greatly relieved with the outcome and feel it is a good compromise, although of course we would have been happy to stay as we were.”

Residents objected to the fact that they had no knowledge of the planned changes until the letter was dropped through their doors.

Lise Strukelj said: “The implications are horrendous. It is a nightmare.”