Tories celebrate landslide victory

THE Tories are back in control of Worthing Council after a landslide victory at the polls, which saw the Lib Dem leader lose her seat.

Sheila Player, who was also mayor elect, and other senior colleagues, including Maurice Tucker and Janet Goldsbrough-Jones also lost their seats in the Conservative victory, already being hailed the greatest for 10 years.

They now control Worthing Council with a massive majority of 15 seats.

Turnout averaged more than 30 per cent in all 13 wards, with the figure topping 47 per cent in Goring.

After the polling stations closed at 10pm on Thursday, counting went on until 5am the following morning. Castle ward had to be re-counted a total of five times before the results were announced.

The votes for European elections will be counted on Sunday.

See the Herald on Thursday, June 17, for a round up of a night full of tears, tantrums and drama.