VOTE 2010: Worthing Borough and Adur District council election results

THE results from Worthing Borough Council's and Adur District Council elections are listed below.

The winning candidates are highlighted in bold type.

Worthing Borough


Colin Avis, UKIP, 318

James Nelson, Lib Dem, 1737

John Turley, Labour, 440

Vicky Vaughan, Conservative, 1774


Trevor England, Lib Dem, 2199

Damon Turner, Conservative, 1542


David Chapman, Lib Dem, 1603

Jane Haden, Labour, 505

Stephen Murray, Conservative, 1358

Christopher Woodward, UKIP, 242


Charles James, Conservative, 1303

Shaune King, UKIP, 310

Keith Sunderland, Lib Dem, 1209


John Harwood, UKIP, 324

Alan Rice, Lib Dem, 1835

John Rogers, Conservative, 1708

Matt Smith, Labour, 463


Richard Bater, UKIP, 445

Neil Condon, Lib Dem, 1016

James Elwood, Labour, 569

Steven Waight, Conservative, 2774


Wayne Hoban, Lib Dem, 1337

Susan Marsh, Labour, 534

Carol Molineaux, Conservative, 1642


Christine Allen, Lib Dem, 1167

Yvonne Leonard, Lib Dem, 1339

Phil Ruddock, UKIP, 510

Tom Wye, Conservative, 2339

Paul Yallop, Conservative, 1981


Diana Jones, Lib Dem, 1011

Alan Whiteley, Conservative, 861


Mike Cranefield, Lib Dem, 1124

John Gardiner, Labour, 384

Mike Glennon, UKIP, 496

Reg Green, Conservative, 2617


Jackie Cranefield, Lib Dem, 1659

Trixie Hall, UKIP, 589

Nicky Waight, Conservative, 2343


Christine Brown, Lib Dem, 1702

Rita Offen, UKIP, 264

Jane Rogers, Conservative, 1273

Ann Saunders, Labour, 464


Tim Chick, Conservative, 1496

Anthony Fallone, UKIP, 479

Bob Smytherman, Lib Dem, 2166

Adur District Council


Mick Clark, UKIP, 197

Emma Evans, Conservative, 1301

Robert King, Liberal Democrat, 828


David Bamber, UKIP, 226

Cyril Cannings, Liberal Democrat, 594

Barry Mear, Labour, 446

David Simmons, Conservative, 923


Carol Albury, Conservative, 885

David Bushell, UKIP, 314

Roger Lightbown, Green, 117

Stephen Martin, Liberal Democrat, 762


Gavin Ayling, Liberal Democrat, 711

Steve Carden, Labour, 648

Jim Funnell, Conservative, 855

Jenny Greig, UKIP, 348

Catherine Hunt, Green, 338

Luke Osborne, Conservative, 595


David Edey, Liberal Democrat, 667

Rupert Greig, UKIP, 294

Janet Mockridge, Conservative, 1008

Vincent Tilsley, Green, 141


Stuart Douch, Liberal Democrats, 728

Stephanie Hedley-Barnes, Conservative, 1050

Lionel Parsons, UKIP, 369


Peter Harvey, UKIP, 333

Ben Stride, Independent, 1299

Nigel Sweet, Labour, 276

Jennie Tindall, Green, 505

Mash Barn

Richard Burt, Liberal Democrat, 815

Ron Horne, UKIP, 343

Vicky Parkin, Conservative, 787


Kenneth Bashford, Labour, 446

Brian Boggis, Conservative, 1047

Raj Dooraree, Liberal Democrat, 478

Reuben Whiting, UKIP, 218


Andy Bray, Labour, 547

Darren Burns, Conservative, 720

Carl English, Liberal Democrat, 442

Frank Mills, UKIP, 171

Southwick Green

Brian Elliott, UKIP, 128

Beryl Ferrers-Guy, Independent, 258

Patrick Ginnelly, Green, 111

John Hilditch, Liberal Democrat, 525

Ian Lidbetter, Labour, 355

Julie Searle, Conservative, 995

St Mary's

Susan Board, Green, 406

Ricky Daniel, Labour, 558

Mike Henn, UKIP, 250

Mike Mendoza, Conservative, 864

St Nicolas

Simon Crisp, Labour, 339

Pauline Francis, Liberal Democrat, 525

Moyra Martin, Green, 234

Alan Minter, UKIP, 131

Neil Parkin, Conservative, 1114


Celia Behan, Green, 135

David Devoy, Labour, 494

Mary Hamblin, Conservative, 1357

Doris Martin, Liberal Democrat, 817

George Osborne, UKIP, 334


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