WADARS appeals for new homes for cats

Bill is one of the cats looking for a new home
Bill is one of the cats looking for a new home

TWO cats are looking for new homes after they were involved in road traffic accidents.

Findon Valley-based WADARS has paid for extensive treatment and rehabilitation for both cats.

Feebie, a two-year-old female cat, suffered a broken jaw in an accident, and as no one came forward, the charity was asked to help with the cost of treatment.

The cat’s jaw was wired up and it has been tube fed for the past 10 days.

Bill, a two-year-old male cat, was also involved in a collision and sustained a broken pelvis.

The cat had surgery on Monday (February 27) and will need six to eight weeks’ rest.

The total cost to WADARS was about £3,000.

Rescue officer Vikki Golds said “These are just two examples of animals we care for. Without us paying for their treatment, they would have faced an uncertain future.

“All animals, including these two young cats, deserve a chance to have a great life.”

To re-home the animals, call 0300 3030999.