Worthing artist paints modern Lido mural

A NEW mural has been painted at the Lido in Worthing.

The artwork, which sits to the left of the seafront facility, has been painted by Sutton Auckett, a former employee at the centre.

W39001H13-LidoMural''Worthing Lido Mural. New Worthing Lido Mural.

W39001H13-LidoMural''Worthing Lido Mural. New Worthing Lido Mural.

The 22-year-old, who is studying art at Plymouth University, wanted to breathe life into the side of the building.

Lido manager Philippa Bradbury said: “Maintenance of this building is a never ending job because the sea weathers things very quickly.

“While watching the Birdman this year we noticed that the board was getting a bit tired and we wanted to update it.

“Sutton came up with the idea of doing a mural with all the things that happen in the Lido today.

“He has previously done artwork here in painting letters on the building and some flowers that sit by the main structure.

“Sutton started working here when he was college so it is nice for him to come back and do something creative.

“They have turned out really well and even feature some of the Lido’s regular customers.”

Mr Auckett said: “The idea of brightening up Worthing was important and I want to do that through my painting.

“I spent a lot of time on the mural and I hope that I have achieved a modern take on the Lido.”

The mural has also received positive feedback from Visit England.

The organisation said: “It is encouraging to learn that the attractive hand painted pieces were re-painted by a local artist. They are part of the history of the building and provide an unexpected delight to all those that see them.”