Worthing election results round-up

THE Conservatives improved their majority on Worthing Borough Council by gaining another three seats at Thursday's (May 1) elections.

The Tories comfortably took Goring from the Lib Dems, with Mary Lermitte taking on the role of councillor for the first time.

In Offington, newcomer Elizabeth Sparkes also coasted to victory taking 1,100 votes more than her closest rival, Mike Glennon from UKIP.

But the battle in Broadwater was much closer-fought, with Conservative Don Allen only narrowly beating Lib Dem Nick John by a margin of 25 votes.

Don said: "I have never walked up so many pathways in my life. During the campaign we visited 75 per cent of the roads making up Broadwater.

"There are lots of issues there but one of the main things is to address the amount of new flats going up and the parking problems that causes."

The Lib Dems' biggest success was in Selden, where James Doyle was returned to the council after losing his seat at last year's election.

He took the seat from retiring Tory Jack Saheid, who decided not to seek re-election this year.

James said: "I'm really, really delighted. I've had a fantastic time campaigning with lots of people working really hard for me."

He said now he was back on the council, he would be focusing on getting a new swimming pool built in the town and promoting the seafront cycle route.

Also in the ward, British National Party candidate David Little took 233 votes, which was exactly 100 more than last-place Ann Saunders for Labour.

Worthing Borough Council leader, Keith Mercer, said: "The result is a major democratic endorsement of the Conservative vision for Worthing."

Liberal Democrat party leader, Bob Smytherman, said: "I can assure you that both myself and my colleagues will regroup and return as the only opposition in this town.

"I can promise you that we will run Worthing Borough Council again."

The results in full

Key: C = Conservative, L = Labour, LD = Liberal Democrats, UKIP = UK Independence Party, BNP = British National Party (* denotes sitting councillor, bold type denotes elected candidate).


Don Allen (C): 977

Nick John (LD): 952

John Turley (L): 132


David Potter (LD): 1,167

Ruth White (C): 926


Peter Barnes (L): 148

Neil Condon (LD): 698

Martin Coppard* (C): 791

Christopher Woodward (UKIP): 126


Chris Chatfield (UKIP): 215

Michael Donin* (LD): 708

Mark Withers (C): 631


Ann Barlow* (C): 1,026

Janet Goldsbrough-Jones (LD): 951

Hazel Rennie (L): 137


Richard Bater (UKIP): 368

Merlin Jones (LD): 523

Mary Lermitte (C): 1,921


Paul High* (C): 1,018

Alan Jones (LD): 632


Joan Bradley* (C): 1,351

Gary Riding (LD): 508

Phil Ruddock (UKIP): 278


Jim Baxter (BNP): 93

Michael Cranefield (LD): 354

Mary Harding* (C): 372

Dawn Smith (Stop Durrington's Overdevelopment – Save Titnore's Trees): 99


John Gardiner (L): 142

Mike Glennon (UKIP): 402

Patricia Izod (LD): 289

Elizabeth Sparkes (C): 1,533


Ron Brooks (UKIP): 428

Jacqueline Cranefield (LD): 540

Jacqui Marsh* (C): 1,311


James Doyle (LD): 1,227

Stephanie Hedley-Barnes (C): 673

David Little (BNP): 233

Ann Saunders (L): 133


Ann Brown (UKIP): 191

Norah Fisher (LD): 1,083

David Ide (C): 607

Sid Wells (L): 121


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