Worthing metal detector enthusiast finds rare penny worth £2,000

AFTER years of searching, the penny finally dropped for a Worthing metal detectorist when he found a coin worth £2,000.

Clive Nobbs discovered the 1200-year-old penny in the middle of a 20-acre ploughed field near Worthing.

"This is easily the most important thing I've ever found," said the amateur archaeologist and historian.

"It didn't look like much when I found it. It was about four or five inches down and black with age but it turns out to be incredibly rare."

Mr Nobbs, an assistant quality assurance manager for Worthing-based aircraft parts supplier Saywell International, is selling the exceptionally rare silver penny of Queen Cynethryth.

To read more about the rare coin, see the Herald on sale on Thursday, March 26.


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