Worthing UFO sighting: reaction and comment

LASERS, seagulls and meteors. Those are just three of the theories which have invaded the Herald newsdesk since we reported a number of sightings of more than 20 orange lights over Goring last weekend.

After watching the video footage taken by Goring locals Marc Baldwin and Danny Barton, which can be seen on our website, amateur astronomer Mark Ford wrote: "The bright object in most of the video appears to me to be the planet Jupiter, and the streak that goes across from top to bottom looks very like a 'perseid or Delta Aquarid meteor' (i.e. a so-called shooting star)."

Max Ander, of Reigate Road, Worthing, sought to dampen everyone's ardour when he wrote: "Sorry to disappoint anybody excited by the prospect of UFOs over Worthing, but I am 99 per cent sure it was a chap on a field that I was camping in, playing with a yellow hand-held laser (in fact I had a go)!"

Natural explanation

Andrew Obal offered a more natural explanation for the phenomena when he wrote: "Lights seemingly travelling at amazing speeds then hovering, going around obstacles. Puzzles a lot of people who have not seen it before.

"Answer: the underside of seagulls, 200-300 yards away usually. At night, street lights, etc, reflect off them creating a very convincing UFO."

Mysterious rock

IN a separate incident on the same night, a Lancing woman got a shock when she found a rock which seemingly fell from the sky into her home.

Dorothy Allwright found the rock, which she believes could be part of a meteorite, on the floor of her conservatory in Orient Road last Saturday.

Dorothy said: "At about 9pm, I saw something out of the corner of my eye just coming into the conservatory.

"There was a bang which set the Spanish witch off in my conservatory – it's one of those silly toys where if you clap your hands it glows and moves."

The 59-year-old added she did not believe the 20p piece-sized rock could have been thrown into her home because a large tree blocks one side of the garden and she has two garages at the end.

"I don't believe it could have been a seagull dropping it, either," she added. "We don't get a lot of them flying around at night."

Dorothy hopes to take the rock to a museum for it to be indentified.

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