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Have you any idea what agency carers suffer?

When taken on by an agency, there is no contract, in other words a zero contract.

I have also been told if this goes to contract then they are only able to do 16 hours a week. This is ridiculous.

Some agencies only pay carers for the pure hours of caring, ie not including travelling time.

They can use them from 7am through to 2pm, then if lucky, an hour-and-a-half off, then back on duty until 10pm or later.

When they are off, carers get no rest, as most of them have a family to care for, eg washing, ironing, housework, shopping, cooking and looking after their children.

It also means they have to call on relatives or friends to take and pick up children from school, and for what?

Wortking for peanuts, the pay is so low. I have known carers have holes in their footwear because they cannot afford the repairs.

They also have to provide their own transport, which again is not cheap.

They have to pay tax and insurance for their car and the insurance is higher as it comes under business insurance.

Like the nursing profession, it seems like slavery, the only difference, slaves do not get paid.

People’s lives are in the carers’ hands and I am also told that they have to buy their own uniform. Sometimes they are given one, but one is not enough - they need three.

I also understand they have to pay for their own CRB check, which also costs them money. How they keep smiling and dedicated to their job is beyond belief.

I know what I am talking about, I have been a registered nurse for over 44 years and now retired, I am a recipient of care myself. I am only too aware that most people have no idea how little these men and women get paid for so much quality and care.

People who work in shops and offices get more money for less stress and are also guaranteed time off.

Carers are very special people, so please Mr Cameron, put this on your agenda to change their pay and conditions to what they deserve.

Please make a difference and help their lives to be made easier in all aspects.

Diane Cowdrey

Centrecourt Close,


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