Community celebration of culture and beginnings

Indian colours
Indian colours

A COLOURFUL celebration of birth and beginnings at an Indian festival aimed to bring the ‘community together’.

The event was celebrating Ganesha’s birth, an important and popular god in Hindu mythology, and was organised by Indian Colours a Sussex-based group.

The group consists of 20 members and formed a year ago, they host and celebrate Indian festivals, culture, arts and crafts.

The event at the Shoreham Centre on Saturday attracted 130 adults and 40 children and started with prayer (puja) followed by a traditional Indian lunch and then a cultural programme aimed at all age groups.

Debasish Das, one of the members of Indian Colours, said: “It was very well received, in fact, all our events are well received by participants as we try to keep it culture-rich. Our kids get to know about the culture and rituals.

“People thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. It is very important that we hold such cultural events which helps to make people understand each other better and it helps to build cross-cutural relationships and bonding.”

Debasish Das added: “Exactly a year ago, according to the Hindu calendar, on this very day (last Saturday) Indian Colours came together for the first time to celebrate Ganesha’s birth. And what better way could one begin something than by celebrating the birth of the god of beginnings. So we began, and we went on. We have since organised a number of events for the Indian community in the Sussex area.

“The purpose of Indian Colours is to bring together people within local communities at events to share, appreciate and jointly celebrate Indian culture. We aim to promote bonding between communities and amongst individuals.”

The next event will be Diwali (Festival of Light) annual celebration which takes place at the beginning of November.

The other main event the group hold is ‘Indian Mela’ in March which is a market with all kinds of Indian food and non-food items for sale.

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