Could be worse!

LAST week, I visited the disabled public toilet opposite The Dome and was delighted to see that there were paper towels in the dispenser.

It was only during August, 2011, that I brought this to the attention of Worthing Borough Council, and I am sure that you would all like to join me in thanking them for their swift action.

I once asked Southampton City Council to repair the hand-dryer in one of their disabled toilets and waited over two years without any action, before the council finally closed the toilets down giving no reason or notice.

Indeed, this is not the only example I could quote.

In October, 2011, I applied for a disabled bus pass. It was issued in February, 2012.

Now, some of you may think that is rather slow, but another council took over a year to issue a previous one, and only conceded to do their job when I took legal action and forced a written question in Hansard.

So remember, citizens, that however bad Worthing Borough Council may seem to you, things could be A LOT worse!

Andrew Duggan

Marine Place