Council should not allow it?

Firstly, Congratulations on the newspaper’s new look.

The content has more varied features and the font is clearer.

My wife and I have been reading the paper for the last couple of years and we have noticed a vast improvement. The only disappointment is the increase of your retail cover price of 15 pence. However, I would like to comment this week on the new proposed development on the seafront next to The Burlington Hotel.

I understand their plans for a new, five-star hotel and apartments.

I believe this is an outrage and very surprised how Worthing Borough Council’s planning department has allowed such a move.

I have not seen many reports against this development. This would really affect the business of establised local hotels, pubs, resturants, etc., nearby and I wonder whether their feedback has been considered. Worthing has a very proud reputation of an old-fashioned seaside town which attracts visitors worldwide.

This hotel development is threatening this reputation and the town will become another modern seaside attraction with no character. Our competition to host major events will cease to exist and these mindless planning officials will cause the town’s demise.

We need speak out to stop such development. There is so much the town needs to concentrate on. Why can’t the council put their energy into cleaning up the Teville Gate eyesore and cherish the treasures we do have? The first thing visitors and residents experience when they walk into Worthing, is a barrage of empty shops and an unattractive, concrete NCP car park.

I think the council could design some gardens around the car park or even close the walkway into Teville Gate until something more permanent is done. The area is, in fact, embarrassing to visitors and residents alike. The price to park in this NCP car park is also so expensive it’s normally empty, anyway. Yesterday, I even over-heard a group of residents discussing how they thought the council was out of touch and that the councillors probably didn’t even notice as they drive around in blacked-out, stretched limos paid for by the council tax payer.

Daniel De Conceicao Silva

Heene Road,