Cutting flowers will not help wildlife

WE have just returned from a short holiday and travelling home along the A27 between Lyons Farm and the Busticle Lane traffic lights, we were surprised at what had happened.

Not the cutting back of the hedges – after all, the baby birds have fledged by now and the protruding branches must have been a nuisance to pedestrians and cyclists alike. Before we went, all the verges were covered in wild flowers and very pretty too, but now they have all been flail-strimmed right down to the roots!

Doesn’t the council/authority (whichever is responsible) have a green and environmental policy and, if so, why do they not practise it? Don’t they know that flowers encourage insects which thrive on them and that birds in turn need insects to feed on? The numbers of many bird species are falling, so cutting down the wild flowers just will not help.

Is it negligence or, even worse, indifference to our environment?

Colin Maroney

Mill Road

North Lancing