Dog walking woes

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I READ with great interest the Lancing Herald article in which Trevor Passmore comments on the number of dogs seemingly out of control, especially near livestock.

I agree entirely with the issue of numbers of dogs being walked by one person. It seems to be the fashion now to own a dog but to have someone else walk it for you (why bother with a dog at all, then?) and, of course, the dog walkers save time by taking as many as possible out together. One such lady walks her charges near the old tip at Lancing, she walks approximately nine dogs on occasions and as she gets them out of her Land Rover they all rush off in different directions! There is no way she can be in complete control of all of them.

You only need two dogs to act as a pack, so imagine the trouble that nine can get into, or even worse 13, as Mr Passmore mentions. There is a Dog Control Order in place in the Adur area which limits walkers to six dogs, but I understand it does not apply to the Downs.

In any case, walkers, especially those with dogs, should be aware of the countryside code, but most of them are not. I think it’s a great shame when people presumably enjoy being on the Downs (otherwise why walk there?) but refuse to take their part in ensuring its well-being.

I have lost count of the number of people that I’ve seen tramping through newly sown crop fields in the spring and early summer without a thought about the damage that they are causing, it happens every year. Do these people not realise that it has taken a great deal of time, money and effort to get the crops to that stage?

It’s very sad to see that so many appear to have the “not my problem” attitude these days.

Jacqui Booty

Meadowview Road