Don’t be fooled

Following the discussion for sand to be placed in Worthing, to attract life into the town, and that it is estimated the exercise will cost £11,000.

I can confirm a local delivery company in Worthing can provide one tonne of sand, including delivery and VAT, for £30.

That means 20 tonnes of sand would be £600.

Oh and I forgot, a couple of rakes at, say, £15 each.

Let’s call it £1,000, at the most.

Now, presumably, this will be brought in by a bigger company that could do it for less.

Therefore, I would like to know where the £11,000 comes from.

Un-blocking road gullies possibly or clearing up the mess afterwards.

Someone’s after some big profits here, I would suggest.

Don’t be taken in, Worthing.

Paul Robards

Griffiths Avenue

North Lancing