Fearless foxes

We have recently moved to Shandon Road and have a larger-than-average garden with a small piece of privately owned land (independent to us) to the left-hand side of our garden.

The piece of land has been left to nature, which is great and something that we do champion.

However, since moving to this area, we are surprised at the amount of “fearless” foxes roaming the streets.

They are regular visitors to our garden, day and night, and do not appear “afraid” of humans.

We are often woken by their calls in the night and have even witnessed one sitting on a neighbour’s drive, not deterred by passing cars or people walking dogs early in the morning.

We have put out deterrents and barricaded all forms of entry and exit into the garden, but have witnessed them jumping up and over 6ft-high fences.

We are not against foxes, as such, but have a four-year-old daughter and are scared for her safety.

Their urine is full of diseases and how can we police her use of the garden to the extent that she will not come into contact with it?

We want to be able to leave our patio doors open in the height of summer but will we have to keep one eye on the doors to make sure a fox doesn’t get in the house?

We have all heard the horror stories that are on the increase.

I would ask Worthing council to seriously look into some form of control, as they are increasing in numbers and becoming more of a problem.

It is pointless one person paying a pest control company as a neighbour may be feeding and encouraging them!

It should be made illegal to feed and encourage them – they are wild animals and belong in the wild, not in our urban gardens.

Claire Weston

Shandon Road