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I have been made aware of the proposed 20mph speed limit in Worthing.

I am a Worthing private hire driver and have been for 10 years. I was previously an underwriter in the finance industry for 30 years, so I am no fool, can I be bold enough to say.

The thought of a 20mph limit fills me with dread. It could drive me mad and make me change profession again.

I am, of course, in favour of road safety and hold a completely clean driving licence.

I am a very careful driver and abide by the current speed limits applicable to area.

30mph is perfectly safe at present in my opinion and bringing in 20mph limits in most of Worthing would cause drivers immense frustration and probably cause more accidents .Fares would go up, buses and taxis would take longer to complete their journeys and pollution would be worse at lower speeds.

In short, the introduction of a 20mph limit for most of Worthing would be a disaster!

Please take my comments in to account at any meetings regarding the issue and count it as a no vote for a 20mph limit.

Keith Noble

Carnation Close


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