Great services

Many, many thanks to our emergency services for their help.

My four-year-old grand-daughter succeeded in putting her head through our banisters recently, and in spite of all my efforts, including copious amounts of olive oil put onto the offending head, I could not get her free. She, of course, was screaming all the time. In despair, I rang 999 and the so-kind operator who took my call said it would be sorted. Within five or six minutes a fire engine was at my door, together with an ambulance. Four strong, burly firemen, followed by two kind medics.

The room was full and the girl was still screaming, of course. A crowbar was brought, calmly the bannisters ‘adjusted’ and the blonde, oily head removed.

Kind medics then took over, and in a while all was well.

Our emergency services are great, aren’t they?

Margaret Semple

Kipling Avenue