Has council promise failed to happen?

WHY did our council spend the money on Splash Point, promise much and do little (again)?

The owners of the little businesses there suffered a lot of disruption and mess, were promised events in that area to bring business to that end of the town and offered paltry compensation for the losses they suffered (in one case, I believe £47 total compensation was offered by the council)

Last weekend is a prime example – the Birdman event.

These little businesses saw people flocking past them towards the pier. The operative word here is “past”. If the council had put up a big screen at Splash Point, many of these people, many of whom came from out of the town, would have stopped there and watched the event on a big screen instead of trekking to the already congested area around the pier.

What has happened to the forward thinking that we were led to believe would regenerate our flagging town? I have lived in Worthing for most of the past 50 years and seen it slide slowly downhill. If I want the cinema, I usually go to Chichester (multi-screens and free parking, good food nearby at reasonable prices) or Crawley (same reasons) Shopping? Why bother to go to Worthing? Parking is expensive, and the multi-storey car parks are uninviting at best, plus you can find most of the same shops anywhere! Access to and from the town centre can be a nightmare because of the traffic congestion, one way systems are confusing for new-comers to the town and I know several who refuse to come back here. People from Worthing and surrounding areas prefer to shop in Crawley or Horsham and I can understand why.

Our council sometimes seems to have a good idea but they never seem to follow them through. Families prefer to travel to the excellent Spectrum Leisure Centre at Guildford which has more to offer under one roof that the whole of Worthing does in that field or Burgess Hill (The Triangle). If we want our town to be the best as well as the biggest in the county, we need to shake ideas up, reward our loyal business owners for their tenacity and hard work, be better planned to spread the viewing of events like Birdman around the town and think about doing more to get people in to Worthing.

I admire the small businesses, Worthing would be in a sorry state without them, so please, Worthing Borough Council, more co-operation is needed here.

Trudi Starling

Alexandra Court