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The regeneration of Lancing is a great dream – but, alas, just a dream.

It doesn’t matter how much it gets ‘tarted up’, the high street is fast becoming a part of history. Most consumers buy at shopping malls and online.

The units that are currently empty are presumably so because they are expensive and can’t support any commercial venture long-term. Yes, it’s great to be able to pop out for a paper or pint of milk, but if you were doing shopping for clothes, shoes, presents, furniture, etc., you certainly wouldn’t be strutting up and down North Road, Lancing.

Having to pay for parking won’t encourage residents, let alone visitors, and anyway, why would we have visitors when all that’s on offer in numbers are charity shops? What is needed is a complete rethink of the whole issue. Placing giant concrete balls on the pavement does not constitute ‘regeneration’. Glad to know my hard-earned taxes are being used so efficiently.

Mrs G. Scotting

Monks Close


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