Lights issue needed raising

Your letters
Your letters

I live in Hillside Avenue off Warren Road and my joy at seeing your coverage of the Grove Lodge lights was unbounded.

First, I entirely agree with Ian Hart on this and so do the taxi drivers I’ve talked to.

Traffic was much freer even in rush hours and therefore (and this is important) the drivers were much better tempered and more polite (at the roundabout that is - they were just as self-centred when it came to letting me out of Hillside Avenue!)

Provided the pedestrian controlled crossings are left there to protect students at the college, every effort should be made to kill these lights for good.

Thanks again for taking this issue on board.

P.S. I’ve avoided ridiculing the Government/deptartment of transport/Highways Agency, the county council and Worthing Borough Council for allowing the College to move into former insurance offices and worse, the over development of Lyons Farm.

On second thoughts, let them be ridiculed!

Bob Clare

Hillside Avenue


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