Line has to be drawn

I AM probably going to sound hard and unfeeling, but I agree with the car clamping fine (Herald story, November 10).

We seem to be living in a age where nobody will accept responsiblity for their own circumstances. Reading parking signs and making sure they are understood; leaving plenty of time to get home in consideration of a medical condition; managing emotions and controlling stress levels during an unfortunate incident are all personal responsibility.

We also need to accept that sometimes we make mistakes with unfortunate costly consequences, and have the maturity to own that mistake.

Taking a calm, sensible, logical and philosophical attitude over it prevents stress levels rising unnecessarily. In this incident there was a solution (taking the goods back) or the woman could have got a taxi home to deal with her medical condition, then dealt with the car problem afterwards.

It’s a question of how we respond to life’s situations – another person is not responsible for our reactions. I had a similar experience and I, too, could not afford the fine, but I owned responsibility, paid up and sorted out my finances after without fuss. If individual circumstances were brought to bear on every broken rule it would be impossible to adminster fairly – where would you draw the line? We just have to accept the boundaries where they are already placed.

Lesley Raphael

Bramber Road