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Your letters

I must commend the 20’s Pointless campaign for rallying so many people to its cause.

Its message of lost bus services, increased pollution, frustrated drivers failing to comply, wasting money and no reduction or possibly an increase in death and injuries obviously convinced many.

These same comments have been levelled at the 20mph zones in Brighton. However, Brighton councillors went ahead with phase one of their scheme. The data from the first year is in.

Compared with the three-year average before implementation, fatalities are down 100 per cent, serious injuries are down 19 per cent and slight injuries are down

16 per cent. Comprehensive traffic surveys have revealed speed reductions in some streets of between 1.7mph and 7mph. The average speed across the area of phase one is 20mph and I am not aware of the Compass Bus Company cancelling any services.

These outcomes are the opposite of the 20’s Pointless claims. I have no doubt that 20mph limits and their benefits will come to Worthing eventually. In the meantime, Worthing may become known as the town that put the wishes of rat-run drivers before the safety of residents and the quality of our lives.

E. Stevens

St Lawrence Avenue


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