More preferable

I was interested to see your brief note concerning the proposed offshore wind farm at Shoreham in the Herald a few weeks ago.

I note from the information provided by Eon that the wind farm will be sited between 13km and 23km offshore.

At this distance the turbines will be only visible in the clearest of atmospheric visibility.

Perhaps no more than 100 days a year.

It should be noted that haze limits visibility to a maximum distance of 5 km and fog to about 1km.

Although the turbines will have an overall height of 180 to 210 metres the visual impact will be diminished at a distance of 13km.

They will appear no larger than 16mm at arms length.

To illustrate this, view the Shoreham Power station chimney from a distance of 13km, i.e., from George V Avenue, Worthing, or Saltdean.

The photograph, used in the Herald, showed the turbines crowded into a small site.

However, the proposed wind farm will provide 195 turbines in a site 30km long with an area of 167 square kilometres.

This would allow turbines to be placed on a grid pattern of about 0.9km by 0.9km.

This is hardly a close spacing.

According to the information provided by Eon, the wind farm will provide enough electricity to supply about 450,000 homes which is equivalent to about two-thirds of the homes in Sussex.

The wind farm is surely more preferable than the alternatives of nuclear, coal, gas or oil and the environmental damage they cause.

David Clubb

Baranscraig Avenue