Mr Yallop needs to re-read my letter

COUNCILLOR Yallop in his letter published in Worthing Herald on Thursday, March 22, seeks to attribute my comments on Worthing Theatres to a political agenda.

Yet again, Mr Yallop has shown himself as someone who fails to comprehend the importance of independent democratically expressed views on community issues.

It is regrettable that when a resident of Worthing seeks to discuss a community viewpoint with elected local and national Conservative representatives they ignore the issue raised and attack the party political stance of the resident.

Anyone who has sat through council and related committee meetings will understand my perception.

My belief is simple – the ratepayers of Worthing:

-HAVE A RIGHT to professionally managed, cost-effective vibrant cultural venues – they are needed

-HAVE A RIGHT to know how their money is being spent – transparency at all times is critical

-HAVE A RIGHT to express their views, have views heard and responded courteously to – we live in a democracy

-HAVE A RIGHT to monitor and hold to account the actions of elected representatives and officials – we pay the bills

I suggest Mr Yallop re-reads the final paragraphs of my previous letter – partisan they are not:

“I urge ALL residents of Worthing to take a more active interest in the business, social and cultural life of our town.

We need more employment, improved quality of support services and vibrant cultural life but these require equally supportive cost-effective and efficient management by our elected representatives and paid officers of our council.

“Only by improving our collective involvement in our community, holding all locally elected representatives and council officers to account will our children and grandchildren have a future they aspire to.”

David Mulvagh

Congreve Road