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Your letters

If you love music, here is an opportunity to experience it to the full within your home.

Worthing Symphony Society (WSS) is holding the Third Sussex International Piano Competition in April.

Competitors chosen from their submitted CD and judged by professional musicians will take part in the acoustically excellent Worthing Assembly Hall. The quarter finals are held on Tuesday and Wednesday, April 14 and 15, semi finals on Friday, April 17, and the final on Sunday, April 19.

These competitors come from around the world, both hemispheres. They are excellent pianists of concert-performance standard, therefore not children. Their standard of English will be good.

WSS is looking for hosts for these pianists. Requirements are a welcoming home, a tuned piano (not digital), for their practice (alternative arrangements can be made if you do not have a piano), transport to and from the Assembly Hall for their performances and positive support during their probably stressful moments!

Be brave, take the plunge, host a competitor. I did for the competition in 2013.

I found great pleasure in meeting a previously unknown visitor, hours and hours of enjoyment as she practised, the joy of each stage of the contest, the wonderful meal times together.

She was so appreciative of everything I served and the lasting friendship we still enjoy.

For more details, phone Gill on 01903 539655 or email Gill is the hosting organiser for WSS.

Come, join me hosting again for this year’s competition.

Diana Twitchen

Meadow Park

East Preston

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